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Linking Family to their (K-6) Student

To link a parent, guardian or approved family member to a K-6 student using All About Me, the student’s teacher will need to send an account invitation email from their Teacher account to the family member(s).

Note: teachers/counsellors must have a class set up with students to be able to invite family/advisors.

  1. Log in to your myBlueprint Teacher/Counsellor account
  2. Click Classes 
    1. If you have a Counsellor account, you'll need to first access the Teacher interface by clicking the Classes tile on your Dashboard. If you haven't yet created a class, you'll see a button labelled 'Try your new teacher account'
  3. Click into your class
  4. Locate your student
  5. Click the three grey dots to the right of their name
  6. Click Add Family
  7. Input the family member's email 
    • Note: ensure the email address is correct. Once the email invitation is sent, it will no longer be visible on this screen the next time you log in, until the parent accepts the invitation to create their account and links with their child
  8. Click Add

An invitation email will be sent to the family/advisor’s email address. The family member must then follow the instructions outlined in the email to complete the link creation. 

You can also share the Family Account Overview article for more information on what family can do in their account.

Linking Family to their (7-12+) Student

  • As a teacher or counsellor, you can follow the same instructions outlined above to send an invitation to family members of students using Education Planner (7-12). 
  • Students using the Education Planner platform also have the option of sending a link request directly to their family members and/or advisors. Have your students refer to the article How can students invite family/advisors to link to their account? for more information.
  • Parents, guardians, or family members can also send a link request themselves to a student using Education Planner. To do so, they can create their account by selecting the Family/Advisor option after entering your school's Activation Key, or selecting your school from the district landing page. 
    • When creating the account, they'll be prompted to enter the student's email address
    • Students will receive a notification of the new link request which must be approved from the student's account - the student will need to log in and click their name at the top right, then My Links 

Questions & Answers

  • Have more than one parent to link? After opening your class, you can click on the menu button at the top right (three lines), then Add Family. This will open a page where you can send an invitation email to family members for any student in your class.
  • Parents have more than one student? To link a parent with more than one student account, you'll simply need to send invitations to the parent(s) to link with both students. 
    • Once the parents have accepted the invitation, they should see both student names along the right-hand side of their account. 
    • To toggle between viewing each student, they'll simply need to click the student name. 
    • If a parent is encountering issues linking with a second student, the teacher may need to re-send the invitation email after the parent has created their account. 

None of the options above working for you? Don't hesitate to contact us by either emailing support@myBlueprint.ca or calling us at 1-888-991-5505. We are always happy to help!